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    Technical Advantages Of Sunlord Digital Electronic Ballasts

Compared to the traditional magnetic ballast, our ballasts have many advanced features

Stable input (wide input range, durable to the voltage fluctuation)

SunLord EB works with rated 120/220/230/240/277 universal input voltage (depends on models for different markets of worldwide nations). No voltage fluctuation worry.

Constant output characters(low frequency square wave and high frequency triangle wave, stronger and more stable ignition voltage)

We provide two basic options:

– Low frequency square wave 100~170Hz, no worry about the acoustic resonance, compatible for MH/HPS lamps

– High frequency triangle wave >30kHz, no worry about the acoustic resonance, specially for HPS lamps

– SunLord EB always outputs constantly without a power variation, which is a very good and important factor to extend the HID

Higher efficiency (92%) and stronger lumen output , real energy saving

SunLord EB features high efficiency not less than 92% (@ 240V input) which gives much stronger lumen output and really enables users to save energy simply without investing more on upgrading the hardware or paying more on the power bill. This is a basic truth and piece of good news to HID lamp users (street/workshop lighting managements, grow-lighting managements).

High power factor (more than 0.998)

High power factor gives less negative effects on electric grid. The ultra high power factor (>0.998) means that the electric power from the SunLord EB has been nearly 100% (more than 99.8%) transformed into light energy.

Low Total Harmony Distortion (less than10%) and low Crest Factor(less than1.7)

Low THD and low CCF mean softer current and less disturbing to electricity. SunLord EB makes the whole electric circumstances cleaner and more stable, with which the HID lamps are able to live a longer lifetime.

Complete protections

SunLord EB is designed to work with strong endurability for complicated electric circumstances, which requires full and reliable protection functions. The basic protections a SunLord EB has are In/output short/open-circuit, Less-input-voltage, overheated protection. Some advanced models can be also protected in in/output wiring inversion mode.

Digital control functions

One of the best selling points of SunLord EB is we provide multiple digital controls by which we can achieve the target of energy saving further and more conveniently:

– PLC remote control/dimming

– Analog 0~10V dimming

– Digital multiple-level switching dimming

– Preset timer control/dimming

– Manually adjustable timer control/dimming

– Digital protocol control/dimming

Compact size and light weight

The half or less weight and size compared to magnetic ballast help a lot in the indoor or outdoor installation. SunLord EB are only 1/2 or 1/3 the weight and size compared to the traditional magnetic ballasts.