• Frequently Asked Question

What PLC does

PLC enables users to achieve following functions:

  • EB (lamp) orientation: To group or individually manage EBs(lamps) find and show the location of an EB.
  • EB remote control: To remote control all performance of an EB, power on/off, power dimming, timer program setting.
  • EB operation status report: To read, feedback, and log an EB’s real-time data on a PC.
  • Alarm: to alarm users when detecting an EB abnormally stopped operating.
  • More customized functions.

Analog 0~10Vdc dimming

This is a basic dimming function that enables users to continuously vary the ballast output power from 50% to 100%. The controlling methodology is achieved by an outer voltage connected to the ballast MCU, variable from 0~10Vdc. The output power percentage is reflected to the outer voltage value. For example, 50% reflects to 0Vdc, 75% reflects to 5Vdc, 100% reflects to 10Vdc.

Digital multiple-level switching dimming

Another basic dimming function: The ballast output power is variable at several fixed levels. Typical values are percentage like 50%, 75%, 100%, or, some certain power value like, 250W, 400W, 600W, etc. This function enables users to use one single EB with different lamps. For example, a 600W EB can be dimmed to 400W and works with a 400W lamp.

Preset timer control/dimming

SunLord EB with preset timer program can be automatically dimmed at certain output power level and shut down at certain time. This function is very useful for large-scale street-lighting control. The most typical application appears like that, an EB is turned on at evening (say 6:00 PM) at 100% output, and then automatically dimmed to 70% or 50% at midnight (12:00 PM) as traffics and pedestrians are much less. When the sun rises at 6:00 AM, the ballast shuts off automatically. In this application, the timer program is preset into the EB, users are not allowed to edit it themselves.

Manually adjustable timer control/dimming

In this application, we provide a user-friendly interface to enable users to select their preferable dimming time and output power level.

Digital protocol control/dimming

For some special industry like cinemas or stage lighting, more complicated control/dimming functions with digital protocol via upper PC or keyboard are particularly required. SunLord EB (575W) is designed to compatible with dimming protocol DMX512. Users can select the dimming modes from Auto (DMX512) to Manual (0~10Vdc analog).