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Induction Grow Lamp

Model:Red-Blue double color lamp

Type :40Watt - 400Watt




grow Induction lamp 
1.High efficiency:75-85Lm 
2.Long life: 5 years 
3.Contribute little heat 
4.Good for plant growingL Induction grow lamps grow Induction lamp


  • Instant on/off with no lumen depreciation from switching.
  • Efficient, energy-saving,
  • Contribute little heat while in operation and require no additional ventilation. Will not burn plants.
  • Light spectrum designed specifically for plant growth.Provide different wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants.
  • No supplemental light required. Designed for both vegetative and flowering dues to strong output at blue and red; yet all of the lesser
  • Frequencies are covered.
  • Emit the highest lumens per watt compared to other lamp types at up to 70% less energy, save money for the end users
  • Extremely long life. Only 35% lumen loss after 100,000 hours. Twice that of LEDs.
  • Five year guarantee. Repairs after that time are not to exceed 50% of the price paid.
  • No glare and light pollution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Green Light Source



Suitable for the greenhouse, home gardens, farm and other places which need sufficient lights for the plants. Can be used with fluorescent lights and sodium lamp, suitable for the vegetable shed and botanic Garden. This item also can make the flower in blossom longer, so it can be used for the flower exhibition.



  • Extremely long system life: 60,000 hours
  • High luminous flux versions: 3400 lm
  • Flicker-free instant start
  • High luminous efficacy: > 75 lm/W
  • Very good light quality: color rendering Ra > 80
  • High luminious flux over a wide temperature range, thanks to amalgam technology
  • Low operating frequency: 230 kHz
  • Particularly suitable for shallow luminaires
  • Low luminous flux loss (30 % after 60,0000 h)
  • Guaranteed start-up at low temperatures as low as -50 °C
  • Direct current (DC) operation possible