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Low frequency e-ballast

Model:Low Frequency Electronic Ballast

Type :1000W/ 750W / 600W


Low Frequency Electronic Ballast


The Markets First Low Frequency 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast,  that is designed to give you the performance AND the reliability you have been looking for.



l   Available in a TRUE 1000w electronic ballast with 3-way dimming technology (1000w, 750w and 500w) or a 4-way dimmable 600w version with a 660w overdrive mode (600w, 450w, 300w)


l   The only low frequency digital square wave ballast technology on the market


l   Operate both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps stable.


l   Highly efficient design and operation reduces electricity, waste and heat


l   Proprietary Square Wave Technology


l   Lamps burn brighter and longer