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Type :4"/6"/8"/10"/12"




 The best & most recognized 4” Duct & Fan Muffler on the international market because it handles the loudest fan noises with ease to give you peace of mind.

  Aluminum outer shell — extremely lightweight and rustproof means easy hanging or fan attachment.

  Glass fiber instead of acoustical foam — Glass fiber has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 85% versus only 50% for foam.

  End flanges with inner taper of 45 degrees versus a flat 90 degrees with other brands to further eliminate sound. The inner taper of the flanges helps reduce sound waves from escaping.

  Inner mesh holding with expansive open-air perforations — allows the maximum amount of sound waves to enter the thick bed of glass fiber where the sounds is transformed into heat as it passes through each glass fiber.

  Comes in Large and Mini sizes. Mini sizes give you an option in a tight space where you don’t have enough room for the standard size + are twice as phat as the standard models, giving you more sound attenuation in a small package.


Place your Muffler on the intake side of your fan/blower for maximum sound attenuation if you only have one muffler. For maximum sound attenuation on a blower/filter line, place one muffler on the blower intake and one muffler on the blower outtake.

These Mufflers can be positioned so that air blows through them in either direction. Our Mufflers are not directional. For a tight, solid fit, self-tapping sheet metal screws can be put through the Muffler flanges directly into your fan if desired. Duct tape can also be used.

Mufflers should not be wet.

If you get your muffler wet, dry it out so it will work correctly. Our mufflers should be the same diameter as your duct size unless you want to increase the air pressure intentionally. To hang a Muffler, you can tap into the muffler housing with sheet metal screws or hang it with chain or rope that is wrapped around the muffler housing.