Flexible ducts are employed almost everywhere in Arizona’s residential construction market. Lower initial cost, lower installation labor costs (compared with rigid sheet metal ductwork) and factory-applied thermal insulation continues to drive their use in the industry. Flexible ducts are here to stay, but installers must be trained properly and strict installations guidelines followed to allow your system to function properly.
A recent survey conducted at random by skilled members of the ACE Coalition found an average of forty installation defects per home in just one new subdivision in the Phoenix area. ACE has found poor installation practices concerning flexible ductwork to be the number one source of defects in every area surveyed for both new and existing construction. The ICC Building Codes are quite clear concerning their use: the International Mechanical Code 304.1 states:
“Equipment and appliances shall be installed as required by the terms of their approval, in accordance with the conditions of the listing, the manufacturer’s installation instructions and this code.”