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Corporate culture

Mission: To be the preferred Lighting supplier to advanced equipment producer.

Concept: To provide customers with excellent lighting solutions

【1】 Customer Focus

    a) Understand customer needs and strive to increase value for the customers;

    b) Maintain and enhance customer's trust by providing high quality products and effective services.

【2】 Continuous Innovation

    a) Continuous innovation in the management and technology is critical to the growth of the organization;

    b) Create an environment of innovation for nurturing innovative ideas;

    c) Check & review product quality and reliability in innovative activities at all levels;

    d) Strive to be leading in the fields engaged

【3】 Team work

    a) The individual value is realized through the perfect teamwork;

    b) Treat others with respect and extend support if needed;

    c) Work under harmonious atmosphere and pursue continuous improvements;

【4】 Effective Implementation

    a) Work to solve problem and get it done;

    b) Devote to do right things;

    c) Effectively fulfill the task with the idea of "DO IT NOW;

【5】 Growing Together

    a) Partner with employees and share the growth of the organization;

    b) Responsibility, contribution and reward;

    c) Earnest and responsible employee is the most valuable assets to the organization;